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Wiremind helps you get your revenues up, through smart Revenue Management and Competition Tracking.

For Transportation (passenger & cargo), Resorts and Entertainment.

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Our added value

We offer cloud-based web solutions, accessible from anywhere. We work in SaaS mode, which means you never have to worry about getting the last update: you always get the latest available version of our applications.
We could give in to name-dropping about the fancy things we use in our code; but what's more important is the way our developers work. Scalability, clean code and agile mindset are a few of our core principles when it comes to coding.
Hands on
Our team of developers knows the product, and the business it is used in. Our product and sales teams know the way the code is structured and why.
Sure, everyone in the market claims their application is "user-friendly". But ergonomics is something you experience, not something you declare. Ask us a demo to see how we do it!


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The World Cargo Symposium (WCS) brings together key stakeholders from the entire air cargo supply chain.

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Air Cargo Europe 2019, the world's largest exhibition and conference for the air cargo industry.

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Fares analyzed per month
547 500
Decisions taken by the users per year
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Our solutions

cayzn YIELD
Revenue management tailored to your needs

Traditional RM systems work top-down: a ‘high level’ algorithm is plugged onto your databases, and starts taking over the decisions you use to make manually, and your revenue is supposed to go up by 5%, just like that.

We work bottom-up: our systems first try to mirror the work that is done manually, capture where it is efficient and make sure it does not drift to a nonsensical black box. Adding step by step modules, depending on the level of complexity and expertise you own, and working hand in hand with you, on the long term, are our key to success.

Focus on price sensitivity

The essence of good Revenue Management is to match what customers are ready to pay, at the right time. Our Live Booking curves are designed based on that principle.

At any time, our color code can help the user see whether a price increase or decrease has yielded more or less bookings, and get deeper into his or her understanding of the dynamics of a market.

Watch your competitors

Price sensitivity is highly dependent on what options travelers have. A good RM system must show you the right information at the right place: that is why Wiremind designed its competition radar right next to your booking curve – we minimize the amount of times a user goes back and forth to 10 different tools.

Customize your business rules

Business rules are a great way to automate decisions that are recurring and predictable.

Yet, most business rules engines end up becoming a maze where no one but the first person to use it can find its way.

That is why we worked hard on designing a unique business rules module, where you can retrieve, create or modify any rule, but also get the essential information you need: what is the impact (whether historical or forecasted) of the rules you put in place?

Allow your analysts to focus on specific cases, and switch from a routine decision-making to a strategic, analytical mindset.

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Our competition monitoring tool

Getting the right competition information is a cumbersome process: either you get excel files that are often full of errors, or you get so much data that it becomes impossible to take a decision.

With Cayzn Tracking, we don’t just provide, maintain and clean the data: we allow you to monitor your competition on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

And with our comparator and data extractor, analysis possibilities are endless.

Our coders know how fares work

We do not outsource any of our processes: we are neither specialists of RM alone, or of data collection alone, but both – we believe they work together.

Simply collecting the data is not a good idea on the long term: you need data to be clean, and for that you need a team of developers who knows that “PPT” is an airport code for Tahiti, not just an acronym for PowerPoint.

At Wiremind, our data scraping team is fully committed to provide the best possible experience to the analysts who need it.

Get all the fares you require


We work fast, and we work according to your needs: we are able to track fares for any transportation mode.

Even ferries, cruises, or more exotic modes...

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cayzn LIVE
A control tower for your sales

We are always busy working on improving performance, but we rarely stop to take a look at what it really looks like. With Cayzn Live, you can do exactly that: watch your sales grow in real time, on the perimeter of your choice. Spot short trend changes, effects of a promo, a problem with a distribution channel...

And take action faster.

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A volume calculator for Air Cargo

In the Air Cargo Business, good pricing is heavily dependent on how much space is taken by a shipment in the aircraft. With SkyPallet, you get an immediate and clear display of the volume, when quoting a rate to your customer. In addition, our 3D engine allows to see how the best optimization can be achieved, taking into account your own aircraft constraints and your own business rules.

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About us

Charles Pierre
CTO & Co-Founder

Charles is the Chief Technical Officer of Wiremind, and one of its founders. He holds a MSc. in Engineering from the Mines de Nancy, in France, and a MSc. in Operational Research from Columbia University in New York. He brings 7+ years of experience in both the Air and Rail Transport industry, and headed the development of a number of systems still being used in 2016 at every company he worked for. 

Colin Girault-Matz
CEO & Co-Founder

Colin is the Chief Executive Officer of Wiremind, and one of its founders. He holds a MSc. in Business from Audencia Business School in France, and held positions in the field of Revenue Management, Pricing and Business Analysis in the Rail transport industry for 9 years. Prior to founding Wiremind, he led one of the RM departments at SNCF, the main train operator in France. 

Nathanaël De Tarade

Nathanael is the Chief Commercial Officer of Wiremind. He holds a MSc. in Aerospace Engineering from the Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (ISAE) in France, and brings 7+ years experience in Revenue Management for the Air Cargo industry. Prior to joining Wiremind, he led a branch of the Cargo RM department at Air France. He also lived in 7 different countries, and speaks 4 languages fluently.

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